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Location of defibrillation units

a green and yellow sign with a heart on it

Helmdon Primary School have installed a defibrillator on the front wall overlooking Station Road.

Please look for the bright yellow box on the front wall under the school sign. This equipment is for use by any member of the public at any time in an emergency and it can be accessed when the school is open or closed.

Instructions are clearly marked on the defibrillator case and it is designed to be used by individuals who have no prior knowledge or training.


Following map NOT yet updated to show our defibrillator. [t.b.a.]
Map does show “Education Facility” just below place name “Helmdon” and the defibrillator is accessed from Station Road.

Defibrillator Map

Locations of defibrillators

This map shows the locations of defibrillator units within the council area to help residents understand their distribution. It also shows locations submitted by other local councils to build up a national map. Please note, this map is not definitive and may contain errors. It should not be used for emergency purposes. In case of emergency, dial 999.

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